29 Jan 2013

What I Miss

Weirdly, lately I am missing a good ol' horse ride. Being an activity that is kinda banned for pregnant ladies, I haven't been for a long time.
I think it all came about from some weekend discussions. We saw a few friends we hadn't seen in a while and P was extolling the virtues of our new car's off-road abilities. I was trying to explain how the car kinda takes over when you're going down a particularly rocky patch, much like a horse finds it's feet down a steep slope... and then I must have day-dreamed off for a bit because now I am missing horse-riding.
I mean, look at this cutie! We met her on a farm stay we recently we went on in the Kangaroo Valley. She's only a baby, so no horse-rides on her, but she has such a lovely nature. Horses are ace.
Es ♥

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