23 Dec 2013

The Power of Empathy

What a beautiful little video that helps describe empathy (over sympathy). Pinched it from A Cup of Jo and found it really wonderful. We so often get it wrong I think, so it's nice to get a clear idea of what it means to really show someone you care.

♥ Es

Christmas on the Coast

Ah so relaxing. Bonny Hills, you never disappoint! So far this time it's been sunny, breezy and all-out nice. Perfect Christmas weather (for the Aussies anyway). This year is extra-special as we get to spend several weeks with P's brother David and his new Mrs... and their baby-bump! Since baby is going to be half-Indonesian, I have been grilling them for basic phases so I can one day teach Ivy to talk to her cousin/s. All I can remember so far is saying "Salamat malam!" when Ivy goes to bed. Oh well, it's a start :)

This year, we have also hired a paddle-board and we start playing tomorrow morning! I've been busting to try it (again) since last Summer and our Hawaii trip, and we will see if we love it enough, we'll just have to get one. Post-Christmas sales anyone? 

Speaking of gifts, we decided not to do any presents for the adults this year. Just the kiddies. So hence, unborn baby-bump niece/nephew and Ivy have about 1000 presents under the tree. All Ivy's going to care about is the paper (which she will eat). Still amusing for the rest of us!

Es ♥

 Some Insta's of Rainbow Beach from over the years:

17 Dec 2013

Happy Daddy Times

Baby and daddy shopping for 4WD stuffs. Who says girls don't like car and camping things?!

12 Dec 2013

Am I A *gasp* Hipster?

You be the judge.

For starters, I wear glasses. The frames are over-sized and in a tortoise-shell pattern. BUT I do actually need glasses. True! They are so strong that when people put them on they usually fall over shouting, "God how can you see!!" Well, not that well actually, hence the glasses.

I have a subscription (possibly 3 years running now) to Frankie magazine. Frankie is full of washed-out photography, tattoos, craft, vintage and of course ironic witticisms. I never attempt the craft, but I do like the articles... and have been known to write in to the 'letters to editor'. Never published of course.

Hipsters are happy being thrifty. I like thrifty. I like old things. I have a lovely antique ring that I heavily bargained for at a quaint little antique shop in Morpeth. But lately I also said, "gee, alright then" to a ridiculously blingy diamond engagement ring which is worth more than I am. And THAT'S not very hipster at all.

Up until about a week ago I had 'ombre' hair. As in, darker roots leading to lighter tips. "Hipster!" you cry! But it wasn't intentional. It was from neglect and being busy with a 7 month old. "But neglect is so ironic!" you cry again [why are you crying?] and I have to concede that this may be a hipsterism of hair.

So I'm still unsure. I regularly wash and drive an expensive car (not my faullt!), but I only listen to Triple J and I enjoy markets and strong (barista-made-only) coffee. So maybe not a hipster, just a city snob.

You can decide. I'm too confused about what a hipster actually is.

And like, I so don't even care.

Es ♥

8 Dec 2013

Ivy's Chest of Drawers

Before Ivy was born, P and I decided to revamp a chest of drawers for the baby room. I took pictures of the process to share, and recently realised that I never posted about it! So here we go.

Pre-baby being born, we didn't know whether 'it' was going to be a lad or a lady. And even if we did, I wanted the drawers to work for other babies we may have which may or may not follow the trend. So neutral colours it was! In fact, most of the baby room is white with a bit of a 'rainbow' theme I guess. Some pink has entered proceedings, but they are mainly from gifts. I have come to appreciate a bit of pink these days anyway!

To start, I found a second-hand chest of drawers on Gumtree for $80. We drove out one night to St Ives to pick it up. It had dark, brass handles on it and was lightly varnished. Here's the pic from Gumtree.

So we took off the handles (we still have them I think if anyone wants 'em!) and filled the holes. I had already bought some new knobs on Etsy. 

Then we used my dad's sander to take off the varnish. This was all in my folks' back garden!

After taping up the bit we didn't want painted, we then painted the whole lot white. Two coats. In fact, I think we did three coats on the frame so that the finish was shiny and durable. White was a big theme for me in the room. I know it's very 'now' and will probably be 'so last year' but I like the plainness of it, so that colours really pop out when you add them in. Plus, it lightens the room (I'm not into dark baby rooms) and works for a boy or a girl baby. Not to mention it's soooo easy to match your furniture.

Next came the colours! I had previously gone to Bunnings, picked out a colour swatch in green then took it to the paint-man to make me up 5 sample pots. They were about $10 each. There was plenty in there for 2-3 coats on the drawers! You can see them on the side of each drawer. We did that so we didn't mix them up... as the paint is going on wet and the colours are so close, it's easy to make a mistake.

Here's me with a big belly (probably about a month off) doing my fair share of painting!

And here it is!! We are soooo happy with it. It feels so nice to have done something ourselves. Something the kids can put stickers on and hide things in. Something that isn't too baby-ish so might last them a while! The cost for the whole project (drawers, sandpaper, paint etc) was about $150. 

This was in our old place, sans knobs at that point... (special mention to Liv who got us these awesome prints! For some reason Ivy thinks the bear is hilarious and just stares at him, grinning. Weirdo baby.)

And now in the new room! Found those fish at the St Kilda markets when we were in Melbs recently.

I promise to do a whole Ivy room tour soon. I love it in there, and people have been kind enough to comment how nice it is. I agree! *She says modestly*

Es ♥

A close up of the knobs!
There are lots of different animals all mixed up.
Etsy is a fun place to shop... get on it!

Being back at work… is good.

No, I’m not actually at work if we’re talking commuting and sitting in an office or clinic, but I am working. From home. First time in an official capacity (as in being paid) and it’s kinda awesome. Sure, working around Ivy is a bit challenging, but it sure does make me more productive as I have way-less time than usual to get things done.

I’m writing for a natural medicine company. It’s not heaps of work at the moment, but that’s my choice as I don’t want to over-commit myself at this stage.  I am writing articles for practitioners about new products and it suits me just fine. It has been a nice discovery to find that my brain still works, even though most of my daily conversations are “waaa goo whosabeautifulbaaaby?!!” Not to mention a little cash here and there is also nice.

Speaking of which, this 1200 words on PCOS ain’t going to write itself! Back to the books!

♥ Es

3 Dec 2013

Daddy Day Care Has Begun

Daddy is home!! Well, for 10 weeks anyway. Amazing right?! So P's work offers full-pay daddy-leave if he is the primary carer. But lady, you're not back at work I hear you shout! And you're right. However, I am trying to finish a course that will allow me to move on to my next stage of career (same industry, just job-tweaking) and so far I've done diddly squat. So here I am. Set up in our front room (of three, oh the space here!) at my desk, and have already made a start. Well, assignment #2 is almost done and only 7 (eeeek) to go! So wish me luck. And motivation...

Es ♥