12 Dec 2013

Am I A *gasp* Hipster?

You be the judge.

For starters, I wear glasses. The frames are over-sized and in a tortoise-shell pattern. BUT I do actually need glasses. True! They are so strong that when people put them on they usually fall over shouting, "God how can you see!!" Well, not that well actually, hence the glasses.

I have a subscription (possibly 3 years running now) to Frankie magazine. Frankie is full of washed-out photography, tattoos, craft, vintage and of course ironic witticisms. I never attempt the craft, but I do like the articles... and have been known to write in to the 'letters to editor'. Never published of course.

Hipsters are happy being thrifty. I like thrifty. I like old things. I have a lovely antique ring that I heavily bargained for at a quaint little antique shop in Morpeth. But lately I also said, "gee, alright then" to a ridiculously blingy diamond engagement ring which is worth more than I am. And THAT'S not very hipster at all.

Up until about a week ago I had 'ombre' hair. As in, darker roots leading to lighter tips. "Hipster!" you cry! But it wasn't intentional. It was from neglect and being busy with a 7 month old. "But neglect is so ironic!" you cry again [why are you crying?] and I have to concede that this may be a hipsterism of hair.

So I'm still unsure. I regularly wash and drive an expensive car (not my faullt!), but I only listen to Triple J and I enjoy markets and strong (barista-made-only) coffee. So maybe not a hipster, just a city snob.

You can decide. I'm too confused about what a hipster actually is.

And like, I so don't even care.

Es ♥

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