26 Aug 2013

Seasonal Fruit & Veg, Delivered?!

Going for a lovely walk last week with my friend Lucy and her fluffy baby Fritz (the schnauzer), many wonderful things came out of it. Obviously, the fresh air, the hilarious conversation (we are pretty funny people), the game we like to play called 'how many dog-owners look like their pooches' [answer: quite a lot]. However, possibly the pearl of the afternoon was Lucy's recommendation for this place...

The Local Harvest Collective!

The wonderful Talia makes up bags of fresh, seasonal produce in lots of 1-person and 2-person bags. We opted for the 2-person option, and the amount of stuff in there was amazing. We're talking beans, kale, apples, blueberries, rhubarb, sweet potato, lettuce, eggplant, herbs, onions, mushrooms... and more! Each week it changes, and she always includes a bunch of flowers and occasional other goodies. This week we were lucky enough to get some of her home-made muesli and her partner's own coffee blend. Considering Ed works for Single Origin, you can safely assume his own blends are just as fantastic (and it is, we had some yesterday).

I can't rave about this enough. It was a good price, and by the time we bought meat yesterday, we ended up about the same as what we normally spend per week. Perhaps a bit cheaper. We love shopping at the farmer's markets (Marrickville on Sunday is a firm favourite), but with a 4-month old, sometimes it's just a bit hard. By the time she's had her first good nap for the day, it's way too busy at the market. And a pram is out of the question! So you end up carrying the bub and arms full of heavy veggies. Not something you want to do all the time, let me tell you.

If you're in Sydney and you want to give 'em a go, then check out their site and email Talia. She's a gem and her idea (and execution of it) is gold.

♥ Es
Ed & Talia

15 Aug 2013

Ecstasy of Contrast. Again.

Really really really enjoying Ivy now. I feel the worst is behind us and now all the smiles, talking, sleeping and even the occasional giggle is making up for all the stress of the first few months.

But perhaps it's just so good because it's been so tough? Well, either way, we're all pretty happy.
Every day (though tiring) is worth the effort.

In love  ♥

14 Aug 2013

A Puppy Room

Check out this article...

Students at Dalhousie Uni in Nova Scotia have a puppy room! If you're a stressed student around exam time, then you can stop off for a cuddle and a play!!!

Oh my goodness, how many times have I needed a puppy room. Like now? I'm not even stressed!!

Es ♥

12 Aug 2013

Ivy's First Beach Experience

Have just had a lovely weekend up the coast with the in-laws. It was a perfect weather weekend, not to mention the great company, great food and lots of laughs. We are so lucky to have such great family, who happen to live (literally) across the road from the beach!
Ivy was quiet and curious during this experience, but I think she liked it. No tears at least! The water was, shall we say, 'fresh', so she was quick to lift her feet up out of the water when it came in. Super cute. 

Many more beach days to come. She'll be one of those naked bubs running around like crazy come summertime.

Es ♥

1 Aug 2013

Childhood Obsessions

When I was a little person (as in young, not a leprechaun), I was obsessed with orphans. My favourite movies and books were about orphans. I loved the stories so much, it kinda made me think that being an orphan wouldn't be so bad. But then I would think about not having my folks around anymore and I would feel sick, so my fantasies wouldn't get very far.

The stories were cool. Always magical and (mostly) happy ending-ly. I wonder how popular they were with other people? Am I weird to like orphan tales?

My personal favourites:
  • The Secret Garden - book by Frances Hodgson Burnett and the 1993 film. So magical.
  • Oliver Twist - the musical film version from 1968 (Ron Moody as Fagin steals it for me).
  • Annie - 1982 musical film. "Tomorrow! TOMORROW!!" Need I say more?
  • Jane Eyre - of course the book by Charlotte Bronte (possibly my favourite book of all time. Or at least in the top 3) and particularly the 1996 film version with Charlotte Gainsbourg, William Hurt and a super-young (and adorable) Anna Paquin.
My favourite not-quite-orphan tales (but parents noticeably absent):
  • The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking - 1988 American film version. I even tried to clean the kitchen floor the way she did, except I didn't have big scrubbing brushes, so 
  • The Little Princess - 1995 film, not strictly an orphan, but cruel boarding school themes none-the-less.

Es ♥
Did I recently re-watch The Secret Garden as an almost-30-year-old?
Yes. Yes I did.