1 Aug 2013

Childhood Obsessions

When I was a little person (as in young, not a leprechaun), I was obsessed with orphans. My favourite movies and books were about orphans. I loved the stories so much, it kinda made me think that being an orphan wouldn't be so bad. But then I would think about not having my folks around anymore and I would feel sick, so my fantasies wouldn't get very far.

The stories were cool. Always magical and (mostly) happy ending-ly. I wonder how popular they were with other people? Am I weird to like orphan tales?

My personal favourites:
  • The Secret Garden - book by Frances Hodgson Burnett and the 1993 film. So magical.
  • Oliver Twist - the musical film version from 1968 (Ron Moody as Fagin steals it for me).
  • Annie - 1982 musical film. "Tomorrow! TOMORROW!!" Need I say more?
  • Jane Eyre - of course the book by Charlotte Bronte (possibly my favourite book of all time. Or at least in the top 3) and particularly the 1996 film version with Charlotte Gainsbourg, William Hurt and a super-young (and adorable) Anna Paquin.
My favourite not-quite-orphan tales (but parents noticeably absent):
  • The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking - 1988 American film version. I even tried to clean the kitchen floor the way she did, except I didn't have big scrubbing brushes, so 
  • The Little Princess - 1995 film, not strictly an orphan, but cruel boarding school themes none-the-less.

Es ♥
Did I recently re-watch The Secret Garden as an almost-30-year-old?
Yes. Yes I did. 

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