27 Feb 2013

Hawaii Memories

Ok, so this is going to happen every now and then. Just sharing some pictures from our recent trip, at random times that I feel like reliving some of the moments!

Es ♥

USS Missourri, Pearl Harbour

Oahu view

Still-smokin' caldera

In a lava tube

Preggo on a Rock

Dance the Hula


26 Feb 2013

Reading for Happiness

I know I've spoken about reading before. But an article in smh.com.au today has prompted another quick look at it.

When you go get a new book to read, you might want it to support where you're at right now. A book that will help you relax, learn or escape. It might be a wishy-washy one for a beach holiday, or an educational one about a health topic. Either way, I know I select books very carefully based on what I'm feeling at the time.

For example, I went through a stage of being really stressed (I think it was the final university days) and needed a new novel to read. A friend sent some of hers and, being aware of her reading 'type', I cautiously read the back cover and asked her if they were books likely to make me cry. She said yes. So I didn't read them! I wanted something relaxing, sweet, gentle but still interesting. I think I probably re-read Harry Potter then. Nope, I'm pretty sure it was the Twilight series. So bad, but teenage vamp fiction was about all I could cope with at the time. Like hot chips; there's nothing really good in them, but every once and a while they're just too damn tasty to refuse.

The article on SMH talks about reading therapy - bibliotherapy. Not a new idea, but thankfully it did suggest some uplifting books to try. A lot of the time I just want to laugh or even let a story wash over me without too much thought or angst.

There are amazing books (and films) that really make you think, and hence stay with you for a long time. But sometimes life is trying enough without reading about it as well!

Es ♥

24 Feb 2013

Baby Shower Pics

Well, despite the almost-torrential rain, I believe that the shower was a great success. Thanks to the beautiful Eloise and of course my parentals, it was a very noisy and happy house for the afternoon! Many glasses of bubbly were drunk, many biscuits in tea and lots of mini-sandwiches were consumed. There were games, an insane amount of presents and loads of laughter. Couldn't have asked for a better day. I feel very humbled to have to many amazing (and hilarious) people in my world! ☺
Yes, mum had to have a stalk
Dad, the bartender

Me and Mama

One of the food stations

So many peeps!

Games, games, games

Presents - such a spoilt baby!

Shoes at the door - take your pick

Es ♥

23 Feb 2013

Baby Shower Day

...was so amazingly fantastic! So much so that I'm exhausted and will write about it tomorrow. But all in all I am very lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.
It's certainly a lots of people to hang with once the baby's born!


22 Feb 2013

Books for Kids

My mum has saved EVERY book from my childhood. Every. Single. One. So with the books we keep getting as gifts, the ones I buy (can't help it) and the ones we already have, we are literally exploding with books!

The one at the back of this picture, The Magical Toyshop, is a favourite for sure. A story about a toy soldier who falls in love with a musical ballerina doll, who gets purchased and leaves the shop! This book has fold-out, pop-up bits all the way through it so you really feel like you are IN the story. Can't wait to show bub this great book.

Buddha at Bedtime (thanks Auntie E!) is also going to be favourite. Hopefully should help navigate some gentle moral questions without getting all-religious-like.

Love books!

Es ♥

21 Feb 2013

How I Stay Calm in Stressful Times

I don't.


Well, truthfully I do try. I swim, I do yoga (when I remember to go!), I read, I watch TV, I go for a walk, I treat myself to cake... but sometimes it all goes tits up and I lose my cool. Mostly it comes out in other ways; breakouts, tight muscles, headaches, jaw pain. Sometimes a massage helps.

But really, I find consistent exercise, good food and good company are the things that keep me sane. I have never really found much relaxation in alcohol. Probably because it used to make me feel sick. If anything, I would say that food is my therapy - not the bad stuff really, more often a good wholesome and filling meal will help improve things. Especially these days! Hurrah for babies when you can eat more and not get (too) fat. The little parasites take you for all you have.

Sometimes a book or a TV show does not have the desired relaxation effect AT ALL. For example, 'Shantaram' just made me mad - such a long book full of faff. It had moments of poinient insight, but on the whole it really seemed like an indulgent price of crud. Now we have started to watch 'The Walking Dead'. I have only seen one episode and I think I might be hooked, but I also find it not-at-all relaxing. I mean, now I just hear noises and think a zombie is coming to chew on my flesh. Sigh.

All you can do is try to keep your head above the pressure level. Doesn't always work. For those times, there should always be a stash of dark chocolate and red wine nearby.

Es ♥

20 Feb 2013


Well, it's been a bit flat-out at work here! And hence, I seemed to miss a post yesterday. Even though I am in 'handing-over' mode, there is still a lot to fix, finish, train, pack, call... certainly not going to be bored in the next 5 1/2 weeks.

In the meantime, just chillin' really. Trying to get over a cold, keeping up swimming (the lesser-gravity appeals to me at the moment) and getting exciting about seeing people this weeked.

Life is good!

Es ♥

Side note: saw a picture of Kate Middleton's 4-month bump today. My god. That's I how look, non-pregnant, after a big lunch. Made me kinda mad. Now everyone's gonna think that being skinny and pregnant is normal! Damn it Kate, I love you a lot, but please eat some pies! (Babies love pies. And chocolate, right?)

18 Feb 2013

Return to Work

Well, that pretty much sums it up! Boo hisss.

Although, with only 6 weeks to go and my replacement having already started, I don't think it will be too bad. So here's to the count-down! Only 28 work days to go...

Es xx

17 Feb 2013

Travel time

Ok, so we lost a day somewhere over the Pacific, but here are some of our last Hawaii times.

A farmers market, full of yum fresh food and the best dim sims I've had in ages. Some bags at Nordstrom - plastic - yours for only $250! Yikes. And a Hawaii memory on my toes.


16 Feb 2013

Bye Bye Hawaii

Ah we are so sad to go, but have had such an amazing time, so no regrets!

We had our last swim here at Waikiki and we are off on an early flight home tomorrow.

We are very relaxed and VERY brown. I would be thrilled to come again one day. Such good memories!

Es xxx

15 Feb 2013

General niceness.

Ah how beautiful is Hawaii!

Volcano Day

Yesterday was amazing. A day totally devoted to volcanoes, rocks, and the general geography of the Big Island.

We saw active volcano, lava tube, recent lava flow, bizarre hippy markets and pure black sand. A totally-filled 16 hour day.

We also have some amazing photos... But they are on the big camera and so will have to update later! Later when I am reminiscing about this holiday!

13 Feb 2013

The Kindness of Strangers

For all you might want to say about the good people of America, they sure are chatty and friendly. Everywhere we go, we end up talking to people as we wait in line, buy something or go on a tour.

They have been extra-nice to us too because of my preggo belly. Just lovely. In fact, last night when we were at the bar here in the hotel, listening to some live music, we had some drinks bought for us by a lovely couple who just wanted to congratulate us! They themselves were here to get married so I guess love was just filling the air.

People all over are saying how beautiful my pregnant body is (awww) and how wonderful parenthood is. In this way, this holiday has been extra special for us. Feeling like celebrities!

Speaking of celebrities, we witnessed some TV show filming today. Anyone heard of Duck Dynasty? Well, we googled and apparently it's a reality show about a Louisiana family who make products for duck hunters (the business is called Duck Commander). Anyway, apparently they are filming a group of Hawaii episode, cos they're in our hotel. There was a production lady on guard taking cameras away from people, so hence no photos from me.

Fancy dinner planned for tonight, rather early as we plan to watch the sunset for the restaurant. I will try and remember this relaxation bliss as I deal with a screaming baby in 10 weeks time!!! Hahaha *what have we got ourselves into*

Es xx

12 Feb 2013

Baby Update

Well, with less than 10 weeks to go, this bub is certainly getting short on room now! Still getting lots of movements, but now they are more deliberate position-shifting ones rather than just wiggles for the sake of wiggles. Bub also let's me know when I'm in an awkward position for it - with a sharp kick!

Looking forward to a few things now:

* shopping for a pram (we know what we want, just seeing if we can get it here in Hawaii on our way home)
* finding a chest of drawers and painting them with my dad (will post about that later)
* shopping for the last few things we don't have
* buying cloth nappies!
* finishing work in 6 weeks
* baby shower in 2 weeks time (seeing some people I haven't seen in AGES)
* most of all... MEETING BABY!

Also, am weirdly excited about labour. I know that's probably not the usual attitude, but I can't wait! I'm so curious about what my body is going to do, how far I can take it and the rush of love we will both feel when this bub makes his/her appearance.

Exciting times!

Es xx

11 Feb 2013

Oh I do love to be...

...beside the seaside!

Someone's hand-made a driftwood swing by the ocean. Shall I sits? But of course!

10 Feb 2013

Trying to relax

You think it wouldn't be hard, but sometimes it can be hard to relax! When you're busy, working, organising people or just your own home life, is hard to switch off.

I have no issues coming home, turning on the telly and just zoning out, but that's not the same as being truly relaxed.

It's taken about a week now (ironically a very busy, activity-filled week) to calm me down. Now we're on the Big Island, in a resort that's more like a planet than a hotel. There are about 1000 pools, a made lagoon, restaurants, shops... Yikes! And despite how many people were in the lobby, is surprisingly quiet when you walk around.

Gonna get my relax-on this week. Sunshine, pool, magazines, a novel I'm about a 1/3 through and some movie watching.

Come Friday, I should have this relaxing thing nailed.

Es xx

9 Feb 2013

Shopping crazy

P and I went berserk today at the outlets. Total bat shit crazy. Between us, something like 6 pairs of jeans, 7 tops, 6 shorts/skirts, 6 shoes and some sunglasses, handbag etc. Such amazing value, how could we not!

Highlights of the day also include a refuel-stop at Godiva chocolates and a quick afternoon drive to the easy coast on the Pali highway.

8 Feb 2013

Pearl Harbor

Last year P made me watch the movie Battleship. It was really bad. But the ships in it were cool and today we went aboard one that was in that movie; USS Missouri. We booked the tour that takes you all the way in and down - the boiler room, gun room, galley, engine room, control room etc. Took some token pictures of P 'firing' a machine gun.

At the marine park area, we also went to the memorial site of the Arizona. Some 900 men are entombed on that ship so it was pretty quiet and respectful there. They have done it all really well.

All in all, massive but fantastic day!

Es xx

North Shore - Oahu

Say it in pics:
1. Gift shops in Haleiwa, North Oahu
2. Amazing Americana
3. All shop fronts were like this in the historic 'old town'
4. Grass Skirt Grill..
5. ...delicious grill plate with rice and salad. Major food envy of P's pulled pork
6. A less-than-vicious set of waves at famous Sunset Beach - tiny surfer in there if you can see!

Side note: got a tip from a local swimmer to pop under the water and listen to the whales!!! Super amazing. Then came back to beach shack to see more of them just playin around. Lucky day for us.

Es xx

No editing

It's just so refreshing to take a picture and not have to edit it. Don't get me wrong, I like to play with images. It's kinda the only creative outlet I have at the moment. A lot of the time I take a picture for its potential, then later I will edit it, crop it and probably load it on Instagram. Whatever, I'm predictable!

But geez it's nice to be somewhere so beautiful that you just point and snap and you got it all in is amazing-ness.

Tonight was like that. Sunset supreme. Just can't take a bad shot, even on an iPhone. It's lovely to be here and have it every night for the next few days. That's what you get when you stay in a cabin on the beach.

So lucky!

Es xx

6 Feb 2013

Posting issues

Ah well. Let's just say that time zones, inconsistent wireless and general relaxation are to blame for some posting inconsistencies here...

I wanted to post yesterday about the beauty of a hammock. While I was in a hammock. Damn they are awesome. I am never so relaxed as when I am in a hammock.
But somehow, as I was dribbling Baskin & Robbins on my swimmers and gently swaying in the Hawaiian breeze, it just seemed like too much effort to go fetch the phone for a post. I'm sure that's understandable, right??

Anyway, today's plans are to move on from Waikiki to our own little beach shack for a few days. Not sure if we have wireless there, but I'll stockpile some posts anyway.

The other part of today is to tackle some shopping at Babies R Us... Yikes!!!!!

Es xxx

4 Feb 2013

Aloha Hawaii!!

Yeah, life's tough! Touched down on Oahu today after a rather unsettled sleep on the plane, but it's all worth it! It's pretty touristy here in Waikiki but it sure satisfied some 101-America experiences...

1. Massive burger and fries
2. Sports Bar to watch the Superbowl (yup, it was today!
3. Sitting up at the bar watching the game
4. Brawl in said bar
5. Pool time
6. Walk on the beach
7. (To come) dinner on the beach

Gosh and it's only the first day! No plans tomorrow. Although, a morning walk on the beach sounds good!

Es xx

3 Feb 2013

Time to Fly!

Off to Hawaii!! Yup, it's our 'baby-moon' - our last dash chance for a baby free holiday.

Very much looking forward to seeing some amazing land too with all the volcanic activity there. And, though it's not always my thing, I've been told that the shopping is amazing, so that'll be fun.

In the meantime, I guess we'll have to rough it in the qantas lounge for a little while longer until our flight boards. Tough life eh?! *blessed*

Es xx

2 Feb 2013

Birthday times!

Two great birthday get together today! Lets just say it in pictures. Starting with Bread & Circus for Tenille's b'day, then a 30th for Kate. Fun times!

1 Feb 2013


Just saw this beautiful animation. Really helped me find some peace on this otherwise hectic day!
To watch, click here.