13 Feb 2013

The Kindness of Strangers

For all you might want to say about the good people of America, they sure are chatty and friendly. Everywhere we go, we end up talking to people as we wait in line, buy something or go on a tour.

They have been extra-nice to us too because of my preggo belly. Just lovely. In fact, last night when we were at the bar here in the hotel, listening to some live music, we had some drinks bought for us by a lovely couple who just wanted to congratulate us! They themselves were here to get married so I guess love was just filling the air.

People all over are saying how beautiful my pregnant body is (awww) and how wonderful parenthood is. In this way, this holiday has been extra special for us. Feeling like celebrities!

Speaking of celebrities, we witnessed some TV show filming today. Anyone heard of Duck Dynasty? Well, we googled and apparently it's a reality show about a Louisiana family who make products for duck hunters (the business is called Duck Commander). Anyway, apparently they are filming a group of Hawaii episode, cos they're in our hotel. There was a production lady on guard taking cameras away from people, so hence no photos from me.

Fancy dinner planned for tonight, rather early as we plan to watch the sunset for the restaurant. I will try and remember this relaxation bliss as I deal with a screaming baby in 10 weeks time!!! Hahaha *what have we got ourselves into*

Es xx

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