6 Feb 2013

Posting issues

Ah well. Let's just say that time zones, inconsistent wireless and general relaxation are to blame for some posting inconsistencies here...

I wanted to post yesterday about the beauty of a hammock. While I was in a hammock. Damn they are awesome. I am never so relaxed as when I am in a hammock.
But somehow, as I was dribbling Baskin & Robbins on my swimmers and gently swaying in the Hawaiian breeze, it just seemed like too much effort to go fetch the phone for a post. I'm sure that's understandable, right??

Anyway, today's plans are to move on from Waikiki to our own little beach shack for a few days. Not sure if we have wireless there, but I'll stockpile some posts anyway.

The other part of today is to tackle some shopping at Babies R Us... Yikes!!!!!

Es xxx

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