24 Feb 2013

Baby Shower Pics

Well, despite the almost-torrential rain, I believe that the shower was a great success. Thanks to the beautiful Eloise and of course my parentals, it was a very noisy and happy house for the afternoon! Many glasses of bubbly were drunk, many biscuits in tea and lots of mini-sandwiches were consumed. There were games, an insane amount of presents and loads of laughter. Couldn't have asked for a better day. I feel very humbled to have to many amazing (and hilarious) people in my world! ☺
Yes, mum had to have a stalk
Dad, the bartender

Me and Mama

One of the food stations

So many peeps!

Games, games, games

Presents - such a spoilt baby!

Shoes at the door - take your pick

Es ♥

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