26 Feb 2013

Reading for Happiness

I know I've spoken about reading before. But an article in smh.com.au today has prompted another quick look at it.

When you go get a new book to read, you might want it to support where you're at right now. A book that will help you relax, learn or escape. It might be a wishy-washy one for a beach holiday, or an educational one about a health topic. Either way, I know I select books very carefully based on what I'm feeling at the time.

For example, I went through a stage of being really stressed (I think it was the final university days) and needed a new novel to read. A friend sent some of hers and, being aware of her reading 'type', I cautiously read the back cover and asked her if they were books likely to make me cry. She said yes. So I didn't read them! I wanted something relaxing, sweet, gentle but still interesting. I think I probably re-read Harry Potter then. Nope, I'm pretty sure it was the Twilight series. So bad, but teenage vamp fiction was about all I could cope with at the time. Like hot chips; there's nothing really good in them, but every once and a while they're just too damn tasty to refuse.

The article on SMH talks about reading therapy - bibliotherapy. Not a new idea, but thankfully it did suggest some uplifting books to try. A lot of the time I just want to laugh or even let a story wash over me without too much thought or angst.

There are amazing books (and films) that really make you think, and hence stay with you for a long time. But sometimes life is trying enough without reading about it as well!

Es ♥

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