29 Nov 2013

Never Say Never

Why? Because you might end up doing it anyway. I have said 'never' a lot in my life. And yet, years or sometimes only weeks later there I am doing something I said I would never do. But tastes change. People change. Situations change and you have to adapt. And saying 'never' just opens you up to potential ridicule later on. So never say never. Got it? ☺

Still a novelty.

Yep, a washing line. Our own washing line. Still not over how nice it is. On a warm day, clothes dry in a couple of hours. Homey-bliss.

17 Nov 2013

The Wedding! Indonesian-Style!

Yesterday, P's brother got hitched. He lives in Jakarta, and so the wedding was over there. Unfortunately, his mama couldn't go, so Ivy, my mama and I went up the coast to stay with her while P and his dad went over there for the wedding.

A traditional Indonesian wedding is just so beautiful. I really wish we had all been there! But it's been wonderful letting Ivy have intensive Nanna and Nanny time up here.

Here are the happy couple in their reception-garb. The ceremonial outfits were white, but the reception outfits were pink. How awesome! Maybe I can try and swing two dresses for our wedding...

♥ Es

9 Nov 2013

New House!

We moved! Yes, again. So that's 3 moves in less than 2 years. Yikes! At least this time we had amazing movers who did everything, as well as equally amazing cleaners who did a great job on the old place. So it was moderately easy compared to other moves. But still, moving with a 7 month old isn't the funnest thing we've ever done.

We are now moved and settled and I wanted to share a few snaps of the new place. I think I'll post some pics once all the boxes are unpacked, but for now here are some of the gorgeous details:

It's an old, brick semi. Three bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, big (old) kitchen, laundry, a courtyard and carport. I can't tell you how nice it is to go outside and still be in your own place (not out the hall, down the stairs etc.). The owner also put in a herb garden for us. Isn't that so lovely? I'm taking very good care of my new green babies. There's something so calming about watering your garden in the evening.☺

♥ Es