17 Sep 2013

Miranda Madness

I am half in-love with, and kinda half-mad at Miranda Kerr.

Positives? She is an Aussie. A country-girl from Gunnedah. She's seems really lovely. She's a Nutritionist/or something (either way, she has studied natural therapies). She has a really clean, healthy lifestyle as opposed to some other models. She does yoga. She is quite spiritual.

Negatives? Oh man, could anyone be more damn perfect???!?!! Her lifestyle is ridiculous - hot hubby, beautiful work locations, the best of everything clothes/jewellery. And sometimes when she's all, 'this is my relaxed outfit for the park with Flynn' I'm thinking she looks like I would on a Saturday night out... whereas I'm proud to have had a shower in the morning. Why don't my trackies look as good as her? Maybe because mine were probably from Kmart. Hmmm.

She's doing a series of lifestyle videos for Net-A-Porter on YouTube. Here's her morning yoga routine.

I want to hate her, but I just can't. She's adorable. I want to be her. I've even copied some of these yoga moves! But I just can't do it all. For example, she's all about loafers right now. Her 'everyday in the park' ones are 500 pounds. Yikes.

Es ♥

12 Sep 2013


Well, yesterday was very very special. Ivy only got me up once in the night (yay! )and by the time she was done for her first nap, a flower delivery arrived! 30 stunning red and orange roses! THIRTY! Wowsers. They were from Parker, with a note saying sorry he had to work late that day. But I didn't mind!

Mid-morning I went to pick up my mum and dad and the 4 of us (that means Ivy) went up to Palm Beach Boathouse for lunch. It turned into a glorious day, and while we were looking around for a table, suddenly Parker was in front of me... with a rose... I was thinking 'Wow, he's come for lunch!!' Then he got down on one knee...

Everyone at the restaurant clapped us and a wonderful lady breakfasting nearby took these photos and emailed them to me. Ivy could care less about what's happening here. I love it. 

I am a very, very, VERY lucky lady.

Es ♥ ♥ ♥

10 Sep 2013

Last day of my 20's!

Yup, it's the big 3-OH tomorrow. Yikes! Which means this is my last day in my 20's and probably a good time to take stock. I guess a lot has happened. Travelled to lots of places. Lots of study. Lots of yummy friends. Started career in Natural Health. Bought a house (that we don't actually live in). Oh yeah, and made a baby. I guess what I'm saying is that I feel blessed. Over the last few years, I really feel like I am happy in my own skin. I have stopped looking at others to try and emulate them; I now find I have brought back a lot of the 'Estherisms' that I had as a child. More silliness, more dreaming, more creativity and more confidence. Turing 30 brings a new feeling of authenticity that I certainly didn't have in my early 20's. I was too busy trying out bits of others' qualities on for size. They never really fit, so here I am, back in my own outfit. And it feels pretty damn good ♥

8 Sep 2013

Online Mum's Clubs (and bub's first food!)

So, I joined an online group for April Babies on BabyCenter Australia. I look at this site a lot anyway, so it's nice to be involved. I really love my mum's group (in person) so much more, but I like having a read and occasionally asking a question to see what other people are doing. Mostly, it's just interesting to see how varied everyone's decisions/ experiences are.

Also, IJ had her first bit of toast today. After a couple of attempts at grabbing food prior to today, she finally locked on and got it to her mouth. She sucked on it until it was mushy and gross. How wonderful!

Es ♥

P.s. We have started rolling too! I have a video but it's a bit too much bare-bum. Might take another one for the blog. This time with pants on, eh?

New PM

For better or worse, we now have Abbott as PM. At least we can celebrate the end of the election campaigns. Thank heaven that's over for another 3 years. Sad thing about politics for me, is most of the time I'm not voting for someone great, I'm just trying to vote for the least-terrible option. Let's just say I didn't put a '1' in the 'Palmer United Party' box...

Es ♥

5 Sep 2013

Funny Wisdom

"Nine times out of ten you probably aren't having a full-on nervous breakdown - you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit."

~ Caitlin Moran (Writer for the British Times)

Es ♥

Tea And Biscuits

2 Sep 2013

Seasonal Pinterest

Most of the people I follow on Pinterest are American. Which means that I end up seeing a lot of American holiday projects appear on my home page. This is kinda nice. Each year it goes in themes and I get a glimpse into what the that part of the world experiences with their weather and traditions. While it warms up here and we start talking cocktails, outdoor parties, beach trips and summer dresses, a lot of what I see on Pinterest is pumpkin pie recipes, halloween costumes, 'Fall Fashion' and other cool-weather nesting ideas. It's adorable. But for me, it's now time to go through all the recipes I stockpiled during our winter of all their summer drinks and nibbles. This warmer weather has me inspired!!

Es ♥
Blood Orange Lemon Fizz
Blood Orange Lemon Fizz - ABeautifulMess.com

So fresh! So easy! Doing this ASAP.
Berry Mascarpone Tart - GoodFood.com.au

4 'Skinny Dip' recipes
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