17 Sep 2013

Miranda Madness

I am half in-love with, and kinda half-mad at Miranda Kerr.

Positives? She is an Aussie. A country-girl from Gunnedah. She's seems really lovely. She's a Nutritionist/or something (either way, she has studied natural therapies). She has a really clean, healthy lifestyle as opposed to some other models. She does yoga. She is quite spiritual.

Negatives? Oh man, could anyone be more damn perfect???!?!! Her lifestyle is ridiculous - hot hubby, beautiful work locations, the best of everything clothes/jewellery. And sometimes when she's all, 'this is my relaxed outfit for the park with Flynn' I'm thinking she looks like I would on a Saturday night out... whereas I'm proud to have had a shower in the morning. Why don't my trackies look as good as her? Maybe because mine were probably from Kmart. Hmmm.

She's doing a series of lifestyle videos for Net-A-Porter on YouTube. Here's her morning yoga routine.

I want to hate her, but I just can't. She's adorable. I want to be her. I've even copied some of these yoga moves! But I just can't do it all. For example, she's all about loafers right now. Her 'everyday in the park' ones are 500 pounds. Yikes.

Es ♥

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