8 Sep 2013

Online Mum's Clubs (and bub's first food!)

So, I joined an online group for April Babies on BabyCenter Australia. I look at this site a lot anyway, so it's nice to be involved. I really love my mum's group (in person) so much more, but I like having a read and occasionally asking a question to see what other people are doing. Mostly, it's just interesting to see how varied everyone's decisions/ experiences are.

Also, IJ had her first bit of toast today. After a couple of attempts at grabbing food prior to today, she finally locked on and got it to her mouth. She sucked on it until it was mushy and gross. How wonderful!

Es ♥

P.s. We have started rolling too! I have a video but it's a bit too much bare-bum. Might take another one for the blog. This time with pants on, eh?

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