2 Sep 2013

Seasonal Pinterest

Most of the people I follow on Pinterest are American. Which means that I end up seeing a lot of American holiday projects appear on my home page. This is kinda nice. Each year it goes in themes and I get a glimpse into what the that part of the world experiences with their weather and traditions. While it warms up here and we start talking cocktails, outdoor parties, beach trips and summer dresses, a lot of what I see on Pinterest is pumpkin pie recipes, halloween costumes, 'Fall Fashion' and other cool-weather nesting ideas. It's adorable. But for me, it's now time to go through all the recipes I stockpiled during our winter of all their summer drinks and nibbles. This warmer weather has me inspired!!

Es ♥
Blood Orange Lemon Fizz
Blood Orange Lemon Fizz - ABeautifulMess.com

So fresh! So easy! Doing this ASAP.
Berry Mascarpone Tart - GoodFood.com.au

4 'Skinny Dip' recipes
Skinny Dip recipes - TheHeathyChef.com

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