29 Oct 2013

Baking for the Brain

I did wonder why I was baking so much around Ivy being born, and well after. Even now I love baking muffins, bread or biscuits. I always said it was the therapy of doing something in a short period of time that works. Very satisfying to complete something, when everything else is a bit chaotic.  

Monique Bowley (Great Australian Bake Off contestant, and clearly my favourite), puts it a lot better... 
"Life is complex and busy and crazy and overwhelming. Baking strips away all that bullshit and allows you to just focus on the simple pleasure of making something. It’s simple, meditative even. There is no room for compromise or interpretation; it requires you to follow the instructions for a result. Generally, that result is pretty great – it makes people happy and makes the house smell like a home. That’s why I love it. The world is a noisy place. More people should just shut up and bake a cake."
The whole article is here. Have a read and have a laugh. Then bake something.
♥ Es 

12 Oct 2013

My Friday Night

...was spent at home, with an *angel baby* sleeping without  fuss, a glass of wine AND a glass of port (I know, shut up!) on the lounge.

I also spent an hour crying my eyes out watching Glee; the tribute special to Cory Monteith. So sad. Hoping he's in a better place now.

Es ♥

9 Oct 2013

She Eats!

Ivy has started solids and boy does she love her food... just like her mumma! We're mostly letting her feed herself, but some things I give her on a spoon (with some help from her; either as she grabs the spoon, or simply shoves her hand in the mush).

So far, she's loved everything we've tried; avocado, cucumber, potato, pumpkin, natural yoghurt, banana, strawberries, bread... and even a chicken leg onMonday! I tried pulling off some of the chicken to feed her, but nooooo, she just launched for the bone and sucked on it. Hilarous!

♥ Es

P.s. Didn't realise how blonde she's getting until I saw the second pic. Wowsers!

Some first foods; steamed beans and sourdough!
Mmmm chicken leg. Nom nom nom.

8 Oct 2013

Tom and Tenille Get Hitched ♥

On the weekend, we witnessed a beautiful couple get married. The wedding was at Summerlees Estate, near Moss Vale and it was just perfect. Such a genuine, spiritual couple and we felt blessed to share their day with them. Here are some pics!

[And special thanks to my ma and pa who came with us for the weekend to Ivy-sit!]

Where Are You?

I've been away from blogging for a little while. I'm not really sure why. I mean, I've mostly been here, and certainly on the laptop almost daily. I guess I've been busy with other things. Also, for some reason, I get my best blog ideas at night just before I fall asleep, and I often can't be bothered to get up and write it down. By the time the morning comes, I'm focused on Ivy, showering, and usually heading out of the house for one reason or another. Not to mention, a LOT of my internet time lately has been spent on looking at engagement rings... squeal!

Anyway, here I am. I thought about shutting down this blog because I'm clearly nowhere near keeping to this 'one post a day' idea. But then, I guess it's all part of the 12 month experience. I want to be able to look back and see what this year was like. So however it goes, that's what I'll be reflecting on in a few months. Now, for another post while I'm here!!

Es ♥