9 Oct 2013

She Eats!

Ivy has started solids and boy does she love her food... just like her mumma! We're mostly letting her feed herself, but some things I give her on a spoon (with some help from her; either as she grabs the spoon, or simply shoves her hand in the mush).

So far, she's loved everything we've tried; avocado, cucumber, potato, pumpkin, natural yoghurt, banana, strawberries, bread... and even a chicken leg onMonday! I tried pulling off some of the chicken to feed her, but nooooo, she just launched for the bone and sucked on it. Hilarous!

♥ Es

P.s. Didn't realise how blonde she's getting until I saw the second pic. Wowsers!

Some first foods; steamed beans and sourdough!
Mmmm chicken leg. Nom nom nom.

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