10 Sep 2013

Last day of my 20's!

Yup, it's the big 3-OH tomorrow. Yikes! Which means this is my last day in my 20's and probably a good time to take stock. I guess a lot has happened. Travelled to lots of places. Lots of study. Lots of yummy friends. Started career in Natural Health. Bought a house (that we don't actually live in). Oh yeah, and made a baby. I guess what I'm saying is that I feel blessed. Over the last few years, I really feel like I am happy in my own skin. I have stopped looking at others to try and emulate them; I now find I have brought back a lot of the 'Estherisms' that I had as a child. More silliness, more dreaming, more creativity and more confidence. Turing 30 brings a new feeling of authenticity that I certainly didn't have in my early 20's. I was too busy trying out bits of others' qualities on for size. They never really fit, so here I am, back in my own outfit. And it feels pretty damn good ♥

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