9 Nov 2013

New House!

We moved! Yes, again. So that's 3 moves in less than 2 years. Yikes! At least this time we had amazing movers who did everything, as well as equally amazing cleaners who did a great job on the old place. So it was moderately easy compared to other moves. But still, moving with a 7 month old isn't the funnest thing we've ever done.

We are now moved and settled and I wanted to share a few snaps of the new place. I think I'll post some pics once all the boxes are unpacked, but for now here are some of the gorgeous details:

It's an old, brick semi. Three bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, big (old) kitchen, laundry, a courtyard and carport. I can't tell you how nice it is to go outside and still be in your own place (not out the hall, down the stairs etc.). The owner also put in a herb garden for us. Isn't that so lovely? I'm taking very good care of my new green babies. There's something so calming about watering your garden in the evening.☺

♥ Es 

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