22 Feb 2013

Books for Kids

My mum has saved EVERY book from my childhood. Every. Single. One. So with the books we keep getting as gifts, the ones I buy (can't help it) and the ones we already have, we are literally exploding with books!

The one at the back of this picture, The Magical Toyshop, is a favourite for sure. A story about a toy soldier who falls in love with a musical ballerina doll, who gets purchased and leaves the shop! This book has fold-out, pop-up bits all the way through it so you really feel like you are IN the story. Can't wait to show bub this great book.

Buddha at Bedtime (thanks Auntie E!) is also going to be favourite. Hopefully should help navigate some gentle moral questions without getting all-religious-like.

Love books!

Es ♥

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