10 Feb 2013

Trying to relax

You think it wouldn't be hard, but sometimes it can be hard to relax! When you're busy, working, organising people or just your own home life, is hard to switch off.

I have no issues coming home, turning on the telly and just zoning out, but that's not the same as being truly relaxed.

It's taken about a week now (ironically a very busy, activity-filled week) to calm me down. Now we're on the Big Island, in a resort that's more like a planet than a hotel. There are about 1000 pools, a made lagoon, restaurants, shops... Yikes! And despite how many people were in the lobby, is surprisingly quiet when you walk around.

Gonna get my relax-on this week. Sunshine, pool, magazines, a novel I'm about a 1/3 through and some movie watching.

Come Friday, I should have this relaxing thing nailed.

Es xx

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