12 Feb 2013

Baby Update

Well, with less than 10 weeks to go, this bub is certainly getting short on room now! Still getting lots of movements, but now they are more deliberate position-shifting ones rather than just wiggles for the sake of wiggles. Bub also let's me know when I'm in an awkward position for it - with a sharp kick!

Looking forward to a few things now:

* shopping for a pram (we know what we want, just seeing if we can get it here in Hawaii on our way home)
* finding a chest of drawers and painting them with my dad (will post about that later)
* shopping for the last few things we don't have
* buying cloth nappies!
* finishing work in 6 weeks
* baby shower in 2 weeks time (seeing some people I haven't seen in AGES)
* most of all... MEETING BABY!

Also, am weirdly excited about labour. I know that's probably not the usual attitude, but I can't wait! I'm so curious about what my body is going to do, how far I can take it and the rush of love we will both feel when this bub makes his/her appearance.

Exciting times!

Es xx

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