8 Dec 2013

Being back at work… is good.

No, I’m not actually at work if we’re talking commuting and sitting in an office or clinic, but I am working. From home. First time in an official capacity (as in being paid) and it’s kinda awesome. Sure, working around Ivy is a bit challenging, but it sure does make me more productive as I have way-less time than usual to get things done.

I’m writing for a natural medicine company. It’s not heaps of work at the moment, but that’s my choice as I don’t want to over-commit myself at this stage.  I am writing articles for practitioners about new products and it suits me just fine. It has been a nice discovery to find that my brain still works, even though most of my daily conversations are “waaa goo whosabeautifulbaaaby?!!” Not to mention a little cash here and there is also nice.

Speaking of which, this 1200 words on PCOS ain’t going to write itself! Back to the books!

♥ Es

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