30 Jan 2013


No, that title is not incorrect, and not the result of a keyboard test, but really the only way I can describe my day and current mood.

I'll explain.

Two things are true about holidays. One, if you are single and book a massive, long-term, might-not-be-back-ever trip, you will meet the love of your life just before you leave. Has happened to a quite a few people out there. It's like it's some sort of test.. 'will you really leave and expand your horizons, or stay for a maybe-man?? hmmm?????' - my inner voice is always a little mocking. I should work on that.

The other true thing is this; I have noticed that you can book a holiday, plan as well as you think you can for that time away from work/home... only to find that no matter what you do, the week before the break is total chaos and stress. Why? I don't know. But it's true for me now... hhhhectic! Every man and their dog is after me right now. Actually, it would be good if it were dogs. I like dogs. But no, it's just people with issues that needed them solved yesterday. Oh well. Just 2 more days (and 2 hours) to go of work and then beach times for TWO WHOLE WEEKS IN HAWAII.

Yup, all the posts for the next 2 weeks (from Sunday) will likely involve;
  • photos of the white, sandy beaches
  • photos of mocktails
  • long descriptions of amazing mountain/kayaking/restaurant experiences
  • and the like...
But until then, here I sit in a world of 'blurghkkk'. But it's cool. I mean, ecstacy of contrast and all that, right?

Es ♥

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