15 Jan 2013

Baby Monkey

Maybe it's because it's all 'baby baby baby' at our place, but I am seeing little things everywhere. I was trawling through some photos from a Bali trip we went on about 18 months ago, trying to decide if we should make a photobook (they are great for holiday snaps), and here was this little monkey. I love how he/she is nuzzling in there.

P really LOVES all things monkey (was even born in the Year of the Monkey), so he had an absolute ball with them that day. That's his hand feeding them. I hid near the car because our guide told us they can get nasty. One lurched towards me at one stage and I jumped and squealed like a 5 year old. Funny bit about the feeding picture - P held out his hand (gingerly, as they said the monkeys can get vicious), and the monkey looks up at him, grabs P's hand with his hand and pulls it in! Like he was saying, "hey, don't make me move closer for this.. you work for me buddy" and then gently ate the nuts. What a Sir!

Was a great day though. And that baby monkey was super-cute!

Es ♥

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