12 Jan 2013

New Music ♫

Look out world. Here's where I put on thick, black-rimmed glasses and pretend to be a music reviewer...

I bought six CD's the other day. Originally I made a list; thinking myself well-prepared for the obvious seasonal question, "What do you want for a Christmas?", but no one asked. Sigh. So I gifted myself. That sounds really sad doesn't it (and also, 'First World Problems' much)? To be honest, my mum did buy me one of them (thanks Ma), but JB were having a sale, so why not get the rest for myself?

Ok, guilt-reduction-reasoning aside, here are my thoughts on my new musical experiences:

Tame Impala: Lonerism
This is a big-un. Tame Impala are kinda massive these days. A sleepy-sounding band from Perth, they have such an authentic psychodelic, 60's sound that you keep wanting to check the production dates. It's quite surreal listening to them. Should probably be listened to on acid, but still very enjoyable when sober. Vocals are dreamy and distant, chords are harmonic and endless, and really when you're the favourite band of Noel Fielding, what more cred could you possibly need?
     ♪ Prediction: The song, 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards' will be Triple J's Hottest 100 2012 number 1. Or at least very close to it.

Ladyhawke: Anxiety
I love this NZ lady. She is super spunky and her voice is low and deliberate when she sings. She mixes rock-chic with ladyness (yes, it's now a word) and her lyrics always seem to ring a chord, even if I don't understand what the heck she's talking about.
Her albums are quite pop-like, but with an indy edge. I follow her on Instagram (because I am clearly a stalker of some kind) and I love her down-to-earth attitude to touring and living.
     ♪ Fav song at the moment: 'Black White & Blue.' Closely followed by 'Sunday Drive'

Deep Sea Arcade: Outlands
Another local band (most of my fav's are home-grown, thanks Triple J), Deep Sea Arcade are another 'time-warp band' for me. Like Tame Impala, they have a 60's vibe and I love it. A bit more upbeat than Tame (sometimes I think TI tip a little into Radiohead waters which my friend calls 'music to kill yourself to' which is probably a bit unfair), I love DSA for their boppiness (now also a word) and happiness. Even looking at this band takes you back in time! Check out the vid for 'Lonely in Your Arms'. Timewarp!
     ♪ On repeat right now: 'Seen No Right'

Alpine: A is for Alpine
Staying with the Australian-theme still, here is a lovely little group from Melbourne. Soft, ethereal but still pop-electric (maybe pop-eclectic? Let's coin that term. It sounds good). Very catchy tunes, gentle, but still manage to worm their way into your sub-conscious like a sweet-singing, musical brain-parasite. A bit on the girly-hipster side of things, but I don't care. Nice to bob along to in the car when you're trying very hard not to lose your sh*t in the traffic. I mean, please people, use your indicators!! They have a purpose!!!!!
     ♪ Will you like Alpine? Try Youtube for 'Gasoline' or 'Hands'

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: (self-titled)
Ok, so technically I haven't received this one yet. JB have yet to send it out to me... not happy JB! But I have listened to their songs endlessly on the net, so I have a feel for them and I'm really just looking forward to being able to hear them away from a computer.
They are a US/NZ fusion and it works so well. First heard of them with their song, 'Swim and Sleep Like a Shark' and was hooked. Lovely harmonies and clever, catchy riffs. Mostly soft-rock in a way. Some other songs veere into more rock-y territory, but the best way to describe them is to say that there is a definite 90's grunge feel, with a 60's flower-power intention.
     ♪ Confused? Fair enough. Don't listed to this weirdo, just go listen to song I mentioned before, and another one, 'Ffunny friends' (spelling correct, I swear).

The Black Keys: El Camino
Ok, this one appeals to both sexes. It's bluesy, rootsy, black and it got soul. Something like Mumford and Sons, but less banjo twang. Consisting of only 2 guys (American), and a touring band. They have actually been around for over a decade and already have a good smattering of records out there, but I only really got into them after hearing 'Lonely Boy' (which has an intro riff eerily similar to the opening music from that ABC show The Hungry beast...). Definitely raw and edgy, this will appeal to almost every taste. Oh, they're not black. But they should be.
     ♪ Listen to 'Lonely Boy' or 'Gold on the Ceiling.'

First Aid Kit: The Lion's Roar
I was recently going through a bit of a phase. It consisted of aztec prints, big knits, an obsession with tribal prints and bright, bright colours. Pretty much a hipster-American-Indian. I know, I know. I didn't fully immerse myself into it, but some things did influence me.
See? Knits and tribal prints? Not my fault.
Including this band of two sisters from Sweden (although with suspiciously strong American accents. Hmm, maybe 'Swedish' sounded more exotic?). Sporting long dresses, long tresses (yes, their hair) and wandering through forests and fields, I was immediately in love. They are definitely Folksy, sometimes dangerously close to Country, but mostly that honest-tribal vibe that makes you wish you met them around a campfire, whilst trekking with native Americans, wearing your favourite moccasins. Damn I want me a pair of moccasins...
     ♪ Listen to 'Wolf' and 'The Lion's Roar'

Ok, now glasses off and into the car for some sweet, sweet tunes.

Es ♥

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