6 Jan 2013

Square Eyes, Part 2

Ok, cup of tea made? Check. Fresh for Part 2? Go!


Sons of Anarchy: Whilst we're on all-things-rough, I should mention Sons. It's about a small-town, American bikie gang called, you guessed it, Sons of Anarchy. I think the best summary was made by our friend Dan when he said, "They are all bad people, but you still care about them. This show makes you root for the bad people!". And it does. There are guns, retaliation murders, jail horrors, porn stars, drugs, the IRA... you name it. I got really emotionally involved in this one. As in, shouting at the television kind of involved. It's so outside my life experience that it became a kind of guilty pleasure. Stand out performance, definitely the matriarch of the club, Gemma Teller (played by Married with Children/Futurama, Katy Sagal - who's real-life husband Kurt Sutter wrote it and stars in it too).

One of the greatest mag covers, ever.

True Blood: Ah, to all the Trubies out there, let us unite! Such a great series, which I think might have peaked at Season 2-3, but still provides good entertainment. You're living under a rock if you don't know about this one, but the fast pace and ridiculous story lines made it just so fun. Mainly about vampires being societies underdogs ('God Hates Fangs' a reference to the 'God Hates Fags' issue in the US), it also features a whole bunch of other dangerous and magical beings. These are revealed gradually, so I won't list 'em here, but this is a really great show. Watch out for the brother of the main character Sookie, which is Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten from our very own Homers!). Season 6 due this year, but I fear it might have lost some of it's sparkle.

Parks and Recreation: I am almost up-to-date with this series, and I still love it! Season 1 was a bit of a pilot series (only 6 episodes), and it's a bit snore. But persevere! It;s comedy gold, thanks to Amy Pohler and together with some other amazing performances from Nick Offerman, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones and even Rob Lowe (!), this is highly addictive. It's based on a parks and recreation department in a local council in the small (made-up) town of Pawnee. Leslie Knope's (Amy Pohler) obsessive professionalism drives everyone mad, but she is so lovable that everyone is usually won over by her charm. Lovable and mad, there are some fantastic one-liners in here that you'll be quoting incessantly to friends and family.

There are SOOO many other things to watch out there. It was nice to relive some of these stories, because we enjoyed them so much. Looking forward this year to some more Parks, Sons, True Blood, Game of Thrones and Community. Gonna be a good year on the box!

Es ♥

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