2 Jan 2013

To Err is Human, To Blog... well, everyone does that.

I have attempted to blog before. It was linked with my Naturopathy business, but I let it slide. It seemed too hard to spend all day with clients, then come home to blog about health. There was never a time to switch off!

I considered blogging again, but couldn't settle on a theme or passion. I have somewhat limited skills in craft, I'm not a professional photographer and I have no need at the moment to advertise a small business. So, what to do? I read on another blog which I follow that they are about to attempt a 365 project (one thing each day), like a recipe, a photo, a craft project etc. I thought to myself, 'Well, I'm so useless at just sticking to blogging regularly, how about I try that?'

So here we are. Blogging (for the sake of blogging), one post per day. Now, I know that sounds pretty simple. Especially considering I removed myself from Facebook earlier this year, so surely this can be a new outlet for some self-obsessed musings on life? Good-o! Thankfully, I don't think anyone will read this blog, so let's consider this an online-journal of sorts.

But back to it being easy. Yep, it's not a tricky concept. But let's consider a few things. One, I am fickle. I start things, but often don't finish them (unless it's food. I am pretty reliable on that front). Two, and perhaps a tad more tricky, I am due to have our first baby in April. Posting a-blog-a-day is going to be rather trying with a newborn and a serious lack of sleep. I believe that those posts will be somewhat nonsensical. Should make for fun reading down the road, eh? "Hey child of mine, check out how insane your ma was when you were born! Certifiable! Good luck in your emotional future..."

A new year has arrived and so I have started this project. I will try my best, but make no promises. Sometimes the post might just be a photo, or a relayed conversation that I found amusing. Sometimes I might talk up a recipe or restaurant that was super-ace. Other times I might bore you with holiday pictures.

Let the count-up begin...

Es ♥

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