6 Jan 2013

Square Eyes!

Some of the best TV shows I have seen lately have been thanks to friend-recommendations. I love hearing about a show from a friend; because you know them so well, you can guess if the show will be a good one for you too! There are so many fantastic shows that have come out in the last few years, the hard part it fitting them all in. Once you add in work, travel, friends, food... one runs out of time for TV watching. However, when you do sit down in front of the telly, it's often so much better to watch a few episodes of a great series, than subject yourself the rubbish on commercial TV these days.

I thought that I would list a few goldies we have watched in the last few years, and some that I would still love to catch up on. I seem to have got a bit carried away here, so I will divide this up into 2 posts, to save on some boredom.


Easily one of the best episodes,
Season 1 ep.7.
Abed as Batman.
Community: I was really obsessed with this show, partly due to the crush I had (or have) on Jeff Winger. Dan Harmon's writing combined with the comedic pace of the actors (not to mention such a well-picked cast.. hello? Chevy Chase? Donald Glover? Wow.). It's about a study group who have come together at their local community college (which for us would be like somewhere between a TAFE and a Uni). The stories are wacky, and the core characters (the 'study group') are lovable in how horrible they are as people. Somewhat like the Seinfeld gang in that way. Get through the first few (a bit slow) episodes, and you'll be hooked. New season on it's way, but without Harmon's writing skills. We wait with nervous anticipation.
Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister.

Game of Thrones: Ok, so I am a bit of a fantasy nerd. I'm not a 'gamer' and I don't know any of the Star Wars lines by heart, but I am partial to a good bit of Tolkien. So anything with dragons, quests, family-honour, kings and a tipple of magic... well, you had me at dragons. This series is based on the book series and by all accounts is quite faithful. The cast are amazing; Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister (right) steals it for me. But all in all, I was smitten with this show from the opening title sequence (I think it won an award for the graphics maybe?), and the wait for Season 3 is killing me! Lucky it's not far away...

Pillars of the Earth: Again, another book adaptation, as many of the great shows/movies are. This one is based around the building of a cathedral in the 12th century. My partner has read the series many times and hence we looked out for this one. It didn't disappoint. An amazing cast due it being a British/Irish/American production, there are some really wonderful performances, but I have to say that this was the beginning of my Eddie Redmayne crush. Swoon.

Saloon owner, Al Swearengen.
Deadwood: Wow. Not for the feint-hearted, or anyone who can't tolerate swearing. Set in the late 1800's, Deadwood is a small gold-mining town, with most of it's prosperity going to it's saloons. Naturally a rivalry occurs amongst the key power players and the dynamics of the different classes and races make things really, really interesting. However, to help create the sense of 'roughness'  and 'rawness' from that time and place, the writers have written in a whole-lotta nasty words that will make even a hardened street gangster blush. Once you let that wash over you (in the name of contextual relevance), it's a tapestry of clever story lines and ridiculously good performances. Stand out actor; Ian McShane (also features as a corrupt bishop in Pillars of the Earth).
Maybe not one for your mum.

Ok, so I will do this in 2 parts. Both being posted today, because yesterday was CRAZY BUSY! Ah well, I'll get the hang of this 'one post per day' eventually right?


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