7 Jan 2013

Summer Social-ness

Well, it's Monday again now, but a here is a little note on the lovely weekend that was:
  • Wonderful visit from one of our good friends, who stayed most of the week! 
  • Warm day in the sunshine, picnicking in Centennial Park - a few cute toddlers in tow.
  • Juice catch-up with an old school friend who is about to pop out a bubba!
  • Lots of pool swims.
  • Fabbo lamb dinner with great friends/old flatties. Chocolate-covered fruits finished night off perfectly.
  • Lunch with folks and the look on their faces when they saw our new wheels!
  • Relaxing dinner - Thai Beef Salad (put way too much chilli in though!) - and some bad TV.

Very busy weekend so now I am pretty weary, but I am hopeful that some pregnancy yoga will restore some of my 'chi' tonight. Mostly we do a few poses, then hold our bellies and think happy thoughts to our babies. Not exactly strenuous :)

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