3 Jan 2013

A Little Note on 'Contrast'

I wanted to write a few words about the title of this blog. I think it may need some explaining.

A long time ago, I had a little epiphany. Like all good epiphanies, once the thought has landed in my mind, it was like, "well, duh. That's so simple." I think the beauty of a life lesson is in its simplicity, yes?

So one day I was thinking about how good times are sometimes only that good because times have been less-good for some time before that. I realise that sounds a bit pessimistic, but hear me out. The concept is that we appreciate things all the more because we have experienced the negative side. Here's an example that most people can relate to. You're in a pretty crappy relationship and you finally make the cut. Probably you're happy being single for a while (as you should be, that's the most important part in my opinion). Eventually you meet someone new. They balance your personality well and you share similar ethics and future plans. Feels like bliss right? Well, maybe you wouldn't be feeling quite as ecstatic but thanks to the less-than-adequate-previous-partner, the contrast makes you feel euphoric. Get my drift?

Here is another (way, way tastier) example. You're being super healthy and cutting down/out the sugar intake. Good on you! But life is about enjoying yourself, so you indulge in a bit of dark chocolate on the weekend. Tastes like heaven. Now if you'd been having some everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not only would you be borderline-diabetic by now, you would also be not enjoying that Sunday piece of chocolately deliciousness nearly as much. Mmm, yeah.

Anyway, this is the reason for the title. It's a bit odd (I wanted that for my title, but that theme was surprisingly popular - a lot of odd people out there), but it's certainly been true for me!

A recent Christmas indulgence... we rarely eat gingerbread, so it tasted all the more special.
The baby-cousins and I destroyed this beautiful masterpiece pretty quickly.

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