16 Jan 2013

Sometimes, there's tears.

Pregnancy is a funny thing and it impacts on people in different ways. For me, I have to say that so far I have been blessed. I love it. It's been fascinating to see how my body copes with changes in shape, energy levels, appetite etc. I certainly have nothing to complain about. I was ready and I guess by body was too. It's not from lack of effort though! I eat well, I exercise very regularly and I prepared months before with supplements to make sure I was in the best possible position to fall pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. But that's the Naturopath in me I guess! It was finally nice to put some of the knowledge into practice!

However, with all of the 'lovely' there are certainly days where it's all a bit much. I do get tired. I do get 'over it' some afternoons at work. I don't have the stamina for late nights.

And sometimes I cry for no reason! A soppy television episode will get me going, even if I'm half-reading a book at the same time. I spilt tea on me last night and I cried. P was like, "Do you even know why you're crying?" and I said, "No *sniff*, but the tea hurt me *sniff*?" Everything was going wrong yesterday; stubbed toes, spilt tea, dropped potatoes - you name it, I dropped or hurt it.

Sometimes there's just tears anyway. You don't have to be pregnant with extra tiredness and weirdo hormone levels. There are times when you just feel down and need a cry. That's OK. In fact, I think it's good! It shows that you're releasing something that you had pent-up inside you, or that maybe you're admiting to yourself that a particular thing is not good for you right now. Tears bring awareness, clarity or a cleanse. Embrance it all I say.

No more tears today though. Feeling (reasonably) on top of things, looking forward to a relaxing weekend road-testing the new automobile on some rough tracks... Fun!

Es ♥
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