14 Jan 2013

Busy, busy

Time is a funny thing. P and I worked out today that we have one free weekend before the baby is born. One. And it's the weekend before they're due. What the heck is that about?!

Weddings, catch-ups, time-away, birthdays... it's just endless! And while I love seeing everyone involved, I can't help thinking that something's gotta give. I mean, I tire out pretty quick these days, and I'm no where near done baking this baby. Not to mention that the baby room currently consists of a chair. Yes, one chair.

We are trying to carefully pick and choose things we know we will love, and then if, on the day, it's all too much then we can just can-it. Well, I can just can-it and stay home for a nanna nap. Or go to the thing we planned to do, and still have a nanna nap. Who knows? Someone there might be like, 'what a great idea! Can I nap too?' - it's all the rage these days, right?

Anyway, am especially busy at work today/this week, so need to get back to it. Tick-tock!

Es ♥

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