31 Jan 2013

Flashback, um, Thursday?

I know that should probably be Flashback Friday. And believe me, I did consider writing this and saving the post for tomorrow. But I might have something else to say then! And also, I am really digging my flashback inspiration in this moment, right now...

So I wanted to talk about my flashback favourite musicians from my childhood. Not a bunch of kiddie bands, but the musical influences from my oldies. I mainly have dad to blame for these, but they're so damn good, I have nothing but gratitude!

Ok, so when 'I Want a New Drug' or 'Power of Love' comes on, I smell the ocean. This was THE DRIVING album for my dad and I when we would go from home to Palm Beach for the day. I hear the greatest hits tunes and I think Summer, road trips, sand, ocean and ice creams. BEST.

Oh Gordon. So much of my young romantic daydreams were accompanied by your beautiful melodies. Sigh. I have been to a lot of weddings with 'Fields of Gold' as their wedding dance. Gets into your soul. Also, great for car music. Fortunately his later stuff has been just as awesome. Although, 'If I Ever Lose My Faith' is still a personal favourite...

I have actually met Tori! Dad was publishing a book on her at the time (maybe 1994?) and so we had great seats at the show and we got to meet her backstage afterwards. In her dressing room! I remember big mirrors surrounded by globes, platters of fresh fruit and a tiny, bright-red-headed Tori; with her pixie ears and great big smile. She was just the best! I had absolutely no words. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is a rare event. Tori's music is raw, pure, effortlessly melodic and maybe a (tiny bit) grungy. And if anyone has seen her on stage, her whole body goes into the music. It's quite a sight.
I think the album 'Under The Pink' is my all time fav:

The soothing tunes of Mr Taylor. He is the calm in a storm but his lyrics are still clever and often political. Many a driving trip (seeing a theme here?) was spent listening to 'Fire and Rain' or 'Shower the People.' Here's a cool old clip for 'Carolina on my Mind' - he's so young! With so much hair!

Every time I hear a song from any of these artists, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. One that you think is lost; much like how your childhood bed is the most comfortable in the world, until you travel/move and years later you come back and that sense of comfort and safety that your childhood bed used to represent is gone!

Was that too deep? Anyway, these artists are fabulous and make me happy. In fact, listening to a bit of Huey right now!

Es ♥

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