4 Jan 2013

The year of the '13'

Superstitions are weird.

They come from all over the world and span thousands of years of religious, cultural and traditional happenings, but some are as strong today as they were when they were thought up! I can't say that I am entirely immune to superstitions. For years I avoided walking under ladders, I still touch my head when I'm hoping for continued luck, "touch wood" (why do we touch our heads then?) and was totally devastated one year when I was about 7 years old after breaking a large mirror. Thankfully, that bad luck should have worn off by the time I was 14 (come to think of it, that 14th year was a pretty bad one...) so I should be OK now, right?

Some people have been a little pertubed by the idea that this whole year will be a 13. Could drive some people mad. Some buildings have neglected to put in a floor 13, or room numbers with 13 on them. I read that for many Chinese people, the number 4 is unlucky, hence many buildings in made by Chinese companies are missing this floor number as well.

It's only Day 4 of this year and I have already managed to puncture a tyre. Yup, on our new car that is less than 2 weeks old. Sigh. So it really made me think about bad luck.

Really, bad luck is all a matter of context though. I mean, what's a punctured tyre compared to a natural disaster or a car accident? Back the the good ol' Ecstacy of Contrast idea, eh? It's silly to think that you might waste a whole year, just because it's a 13th one.

With a new year comes new goals. My hopes and wishes for 2013 are pretty demanding actually. I want a healthy, happy baby to be born for us in April. So far, so good on that front! I wish for healhy babies for my friends who are currently pregnant (or hoping to be so very soon). I am hoping for new work opportunities, a new location and... wait for it... even a puppy! We have a specific breed in mind, but that can come later.

Until then, let's all try and do our best to take some deep breaths, see the good in others and keep moving steadily towards our own personal plans and dreams for this year.

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