18 Jan 2013

Feelin' hot, hot, hot!

Wowsers! It's as hot as Hades today. 44 degrees in the city apparently! Maybe it wasn't the best day to have off from work - I am missing that air con! But it is nice to get some things done (thank you air-conditioned shopping centre) and to organise some things at home. We have a pool in this apartment complex too, so I might give that a go as well. But not for long. Too damn hot out there! Can't wait for that cool change/storm that's a-coming. Tomorrow is supposed to be cool-ish. Got a road trip planned for tomorrow. More on that later!

Going to have to brave the elements of today eventually though. We are going out to a Sydney Festival event tonight, not to mention a sneaky dinner at 360 beforehand. Super fun! Just all need to keep our fluids up I guess. What a pity social convention doesn't allow for 'no clothing in public'! It's way too hot for clothes - but then, imagine the burn-potential on a naked body. Yikes!!!

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