8 Jan 2013

Today was...

...all about the heat.

Our little island nation is feeling hot, hot, hot today. Even in 'ocean-breezes' Sydney, we got to 42 degrees. That's wild. I can't remember another time it got that hot here. It might have been in primary school. There was a rumour that when the mercury hit 40, all the kids could go home. I seem to recall it getting to 40, and well, staying at school. LAME.

It's not such a great thing actually. Most of the country is on fire. Literally. Bushfires everywhere, particularly in Tassie. Our thoughts are really with them. There was a lovely story on ABC Breakfast this morning which told of a couple's 5 children, who were stranded with their grandparents as a fire consumed their house. Fortunately they were situated next to the water, but even that wasn't an ideal solution. There were incredible images of the grandmother holding on to the youngest children whilst trying to hold on to the poles of their jetty, in what was described as very cold water (the irony of that, wow), attempting to breathe the 40cm of fresh air just above the surface of the water before the air became thick with smoke and fire. Terrifying. As I listened to the mother tell how she nearly lost all her children and her parents in a matter of hours, I was balling my eyes out. So lucky. I haven't even seen my bubba yet, and already the thought of losing he/she is unbearable.
Fortunately, it was a happy ending, but not all of them are. We are not always the Lucky Country, especially in bushfire season.

There is no bush near me right now, so my solution to escape the heat is to swim in the pool then hide in my house; minimal clothes, curtains drawn, fan on, sucking on ice-cubes, watching Parks and Recreation.

And tomorrow is supposed to be 25 degrees. The weather has bipolar.

Es  ♥

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