23 Jan 2013


My dad loves the word 'Sensational'. He also likes the phrase 'Fair Dinkum' but that's a story for another time. I guess he uses it a bit like I use, 'awesome', often inappropriately, as 'awesome' is supposed to be reserved for some sort of divine happening, whereas I use it when I find a lost dollar on the street.
Dad uses 'sensational' to describe something just really, really great; like a great day playing golf. Which works I guess, but he certainly doesn't use it in the sense of 'it caused a sensation'; like his golfing made the national news...

I meant this title today as a bit of a play on the word sensation, as that's what's been on my mind lately. As in, things that feel great. Like sand between the toes, hand in a sack full of grain - you know, that kind of stuff. But seriously, how good are some of these sensations?

  • A head massage (just massage, full stop)
  • First morning stretch
  • Floating in the ocean
  • Holding a puppy/kitten 
  • A warm towel in Winter
  • Loudly slurping jelly (go try this. now)
  • A shower after being at the beach all day
  • Hugging someone with warm sheets from the drier


There are other things, but everyone has their own 'ah' moments. Might be nice to go try some soon. Beach anyone?

Es ♥

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