12 Mar 2013

New Stove-top Kettle!

Our electric kettle died. Well, it was dying. It would boil, then click off, but still keep on boiling the water. So you would have to turn it off at the power point and then promptly burn yourself on the over-heated plastic. Yikes!

I have always wanted a stove-top kettle. P immediately looked at some fancy ones, but I just wasn't sure if we should make the investment to that extent. I mean, what if I hate waiting for the water to boil? What if the whistling drives me crazy? What about having a new baby, where putting kettle on (and getting distracted) might be safer with an electric one that just shuts itself off when boiled?

Anyway, I found this Circulon one for $35 (thank you Victoria's Basement... always amazing specials).
First impressions? Water does take about 3 times as long to boil. More when it's full (obviously). Whistle on this one is more of an increasingly loud hum rather than a whistle. We keep thinking it's something on the TV! But I love the colour and the design. It's solid, everything clicks in nicely and there's rubber bits so no burny-burns on the hands.

As far as it taking longer to boil, well, at the moment I like it. I mean, it's almost part of the ritual of tea, right? Tea should take time. It's supposed to be part of the winding-down process for me, so it's like I'm forcing myself to slow down. But only time will tell how much I like this in the future! It's the honeymoon phase.

Let's be honest though. As I am writing this, I have just spilt hot tea on myself, so maybe my issues are more to do with tea-drinking than with tea- making.

Es ♥

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