13 Mar 2013

Is Fitness Training Embarassing?

There was an article on smh.com.au today where a fitness 'guru' describes outdoor fitness groups as embarrassing and very middle class (nice for those who can afford it). The bee in his bonnet is that they take over beaches, parks and sometimes children's play equipment with their training and apparently people do it to show-off rather than get fit.
Ok, so some groups definitely don't have the right permits to train where they do, and that's a council issue. But should we really be hating on people doing exercise; in any form or fashion? I mean even if they are showing off, for some people that's the motivation to get fit in the first place; to look good. And if that philosophy means they train hard and cut their risk of cardiovascular disease in half, well, who cares if they're a bit cocky with it?
Surely we shouldn't demonise those who are making time in their day (often at a very stupid hour of the morning) to get sweaty. Really we should be saluting them and aim to do something similar in order to have better energy levels and longer lives.
It seems a bit petty that's all. Am I wrong?

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