19 Mar 2013

Living In The Moment

I won't lie to you, I'm not very good a living in the now/ the present/ the moment/ the gift that is this precious second we have together... I'm just a bit crap at it. I try to, but then my mind wanders to what I need to do that afternoon, what happened last night on that show I like, and how fit I will or won't be when I'm 60. My mind is like a super-highway filled with terrible, dangerous, erratic drivers who can't stay in the one lane for more than 30 metres. You know, those jerks who never use their indicators.

It's better than it used to be. A lot of life's anxieties have gone away now that I feel a bit more solid in my world and the path that I am on. But the basic framework of always 'being somewhere else' is still very much a reality for me. I often think that times when we are unwell, have an accident or something in our bodies just doesn't work right, it's often a good time to slow down and smell the roses. A bit of a silver lining to being sick maybe?

To play devil's advocate for a moment though, a lot of our survival is down to planning ahead. If I didn't plan my education, then I wouldn't be a Naturopath now. And more simply, if I don't plan out my evening meals, then I would probably eat a lot worse and have the resultant health issues associated with this (cue fatness). But there's a balance to everything, and I could surely do with some more time in the present.

One way that I try and combat some of this inability to live in the now, is by taking stock; appreicating what I have and how damn good it is. So, as this blog is turning out to be a bit of a year-diary to look back on (if I make it through year that is), I figured I'd have one of these moments to reflect on some of the good shit right now.

Great things as of THIS MOMENT
  • The imminent conclusion of work - 7 more days!
  • Change of seasons and the cooler weather - making sleeping easier and cuddles cosier.
  • Being able to eat lots and not get fat - the kinda stuff I usually restrict in my diet (pasta, sweet treats, bigger portions). Thank you pregnancy hormones, you are amazing.
There are lots of things, but let's not drag this out. It's just nice to reflect on a couple of things that are awesome. At least then I know that for about 3 minutes this week, I was totally in the moment. Better than nothing right?

Es ♥

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