10 Mar 2013

Medical Advances... and Nappies!

Had our first baby class yesterday. Feeling a lot less anxious about everything really. Didn't think I was anxious, but it was certainly nice to hear that epidurals have less drug going through you these days and that cesareans have a really quick recovery rate now, and the cut is pretty small! So, no matter what happens with this kid, we'll be all good. Certainly going to try and get it out the regular way, but there's less concern now if that's not to be.

Got some super cute cloth nappies today too! The lady was super-nice and gave us lots of little extras for free. So, poo-plan is organised.

3 more weeks of work left... woot! Really enjoying all the social things too; a hen's night last night, a 30th soon, a girly dinner, Easter mini-break to P's folks, a wedding in Kangaroo Valley and just general catch up times with peeps.

Really just doing all I can to relax, sleep, enjoy the peace and quiet - perhaps the last time for a while!

Es ♥

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