20 Mar 2013

Don't Mess with My Hot Cross Bun

I am a Hot Cross Bun Traditionalist. I love the smell of the fruit-and-spice-filled, sticky-topped, bready-bun. I'll have it cold or warmed up. I like it as it is, or maybe toasted with honey, butter, jam or even peanut butter (try it, it's awesome).

Don't give me any choc chips. Don't waste my time with 'fruitless' or 'coffee-infused' or with chilli (I know, weird). Just give me a plain ol' bun with all the old school recipe. And I want it on Good Friday like you're 'sposed to, but let me have a couple beforehand just make sure I buy the right ones for the day, OK?

Es ♥

p.s. This post would have been better if there was a picture of the hot cross bun I ate this morning, but it was gone before I could get my camera out. Pesky little thing.

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