16 Mar 2013

An Idea for Holiday Snaps

When P and I went to Tasmania a couple of years ago, we took A LOT of photos. Tasmania is absolutely beautiful and before we knew it, we had taken about 900 photos in 10 days! It seemed a shame to let them sit, forgotten on a hard drive, so we went online to make them into a book.

We had a voucher for Mini Box and we made a 40-page book of about 80 selected photos. It only cost about $20 and it means we have a lovely record of our trip. We've just come back from Hawaii so we have decided to do it again. It's so easy to do and you can design the layout yourself if you choose to.

Our Hawaii book just arrived in the post today and it looks fab! Definitely more likely to look at the photos again when they're in a book, then look up a computer file each time. And showing friends or relatives is much better like this, rather than making them trawl through hundreds of picture files. Boring!

Es ♥

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