25 Mar 2013

Experiments in Ice-Blocks

I have seen so many recipes out there for home-made ice-blocks. I've been busting to try some out! At Ikea on the weekend, we found some super-cheap moulds so I snatched them up. I wanted bigger ones with the option of a wooden stick, but this will do for now (I want the larger, stick-ones so I can make grown-up pops for parties!). 

So flavour attempt #1 was raspberry, yoghurt, milk and honey. I blended it all up but left some raspberries whole for a bit of variety. Tasted pretty good! It was basically a simpler version of Jamie Oliver's 1-minute 'icecream' which is really delicious (the mint in there is amazing). Next I think I will try a chocolate-y ice cream/yoghurt one. Hmm, with all this warm weather (what the heck Autumn!), I might have to get onto this ASAP...

Es ♥

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