11 Apr 2013


I'm not a religious person, but then I don't think you have to be in order to act out some of the rituals. Like the ritual of giving thanks. Sometimes I like to just sit back and take stock of all the things I'm thankful for, because when all things are considered, I got it real good. Ok, so I've worked hard for a lot of it so I've somewhat earned good times. In other ways, I've just been lucky. Regardless, it's nice to just switch off technology, put down the book and just think about how grateful I am for all of this. I'm not always glass-half-full, but I do know when the odds are in my favour. And that's kinda often. I maintain these odds in a few ways; I take care of my health, I keep busy with things that benefit others and I keep away from people who bring me down. It's not a complicated recipe. I'm better with simple things. Maybe that's why I'm not so religious - too many rules and rituals complicated by centuries of historical context. I can't really be bothered to learn it all. Just give me a sunny day and a nice place to sit and I've got a smile on my face. Oh and puppies. I love puppies.

Es xox

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