10 Apr 2013

A Home Hair Cut

Not what you're thinking! I do not trust myself to cut my own hair. There was one afternoon at work where I did consider it - enough to look up some youtube videos even. But I came to my senses. I do not have any hair cutting skills, my hair is super thick and unworkable, and likely it would have been a total disaster.

But I did need a hair cut. Badly. I think about 1/3 of my hair was split ends. *shudder*

As I was net-searching for some local snippers, I came across Patricia. She works in the inner west, she's cheaper than other stylists and she only uses organic products. Um, sent from hair heaven?? I called her up, and on Monday she came to my place with all her gear and washed, trimmed and blow-dried my hair. All for $60 (for a gal's cut in Sydney, that is incredible value I think). There was no mess, she was really lovely to talk to and I didn't have to leave my apartment for a minute. Most importantly, my hair looks fab. Just a trim and style, but she did exactly what I asked for.

So if you're looking for a hair cut and  you're through with your current stylist, I reckon you should shop around for a home-cut option. Often cheaper as they're not paying salon-rent and (I can't stress this enough) you don't need to leave your freaking house!

Why haven't I worked this out years ago?!

Es ♥

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