19 Apr 2013

A New Addition!

So, it's been a week since my last post. Now considering that I have only ever missed a day so far in this blog, a week seems excessive, right? Careless? Well, I better have a damn good excuse...

Last Friday, 12th April at 6.35pm, we welcomed a little baby girl into our lives. Allow me to introduce our Ivy.

As you can imagine, we are both totally besotted with her. All she does is eat, sleep and poo, but she is the best thing ever. We have been inundated with love from family and friends, which has been amazing. I feel so blessed at this time in my life.

I promise not to post endlessly about her. Not only because that would make this blog super boring, but also to protect a little of our privacy. Also, I am still enjoying sharing recipes, projects, funnies and whatever else comes to mind! Stay tuned for more postings.

Es ♥ 

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