3 Apr 2013

Irish Soda Bread

I LOVE Irish Soda Bread. I used to work at Bowen Island Organic Bakery in Drummoyne (they're still going strong!) and their soda bread was amazing. I have since had a few go's at baking it, and surprise surprise, it's really easy! I use this recipe and it works like a charm. The other night I decided to split up the dough into rolls rather than one loaf, and just baked them for 20 minutes rather than 35-40.

And here is the result! Tasty, tasty bread. Irish Soda Bread is an acquired taste; somewhat nutty and certainly very dense. Bowen Island make a fruit version which is amazing.

I have another bread recipe to try soon - just a Crusty White Bread one (very basic), but done in the crock-pot in the oven. I'll be sure to post how it goes. How great is fresh bread?!?!!

Es ♥

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