27 Apr 2013

Blogs I Follow

Got some time to kill? Like making things or furnishing your home or wardrobe? Or maybe you're like me and just like to window-shop. Either way, here are some blogs that I follow that always keep me entertained! Here are just a couple that I particularly enjoy.

A Beautiful Mess
I am quite involved with these two ladies' lives now. I have been reading their blog for a while. Originally it was only Elsie, as we read about her crafts, her boutique thrift shop/ cafe in Missouri, her marriage to a musician and her daily goings on. Now her sister Emma has joined her officially, having started as a baker of sweet things in their shop/cafe. Elsie and Emma have different tones of writing, which is refreshing. They write books (photography how-to's), host workshops, own their own store and do features for other companies. They follow their dreams which is very inspiring. Have a look sometime!

SF Girl By Bay
Interior designer Victoria Smith is based in San Fran (dah), and her features are always inspiring for the home. Her choices are always classy and the businesses she recommends are always top-notch. Not really designs that I can do at this stage, but when we buy a place, that might be a different story.

Her Library Adventures
Sophie is an Aussie gal with a very personal blog that is full of vintage purchases, thrift shop outfits, craft, books and little outings. She took a break from blogging due to a miscarriage, but she is now pregnant again. You really do get emotionally involved sometimes. I was so thrilled for for her and her partner when I read she was pregnant again. All in all, her blog is very honest and gentle.

House of Humble
Another Aussie blog! Katie and Reuben have chosen a simple life, with the goal to reduce their environmental impact. Their blog talks about sustainable living, new home renovations, their move from big cities (Bris and Syd) to a small town, their pets, craft etc. They are a sweet couple and their blog is always nice to read.

A Cup of Jo
A heard about Jo in a newspaper article about blogging and the new style of writing that it offers. Jo was featured due to her honest writing about her post-natal depression experience. I started following her and her blog is a nice mix of recipes, featured businesses (clothes, interiors), mother experiences, loves, fears, social etiquette and more. She lives in New York and really her life is pretty different to mine, but I like her style.


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